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Pure Acai Berry Pills - 100% Organic Acai Pills Reviews

Pure Acai Berry Pills

acai berry pillsIf you probably tried different weigh loss pills, fad diets and expensive diet programs and still struggling to get better slim shape, finally the ultimate solution was found – Acai Berry! This fruit has taken weight loss world by storm and was featured by leading USA authorities like Oprah, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz. All due to the simple fact – acai berry does real magic by flushing pounds of toxins and waste, boosting your metabolism and energy levels, causing ant-aging and skin restoring effects.

Pure Acai Berry Pills
User Rating 9.8/10
Certified? Yes
First Results 20-30 days
Side Effects None
Dosage 3 pills daily
1 Month Pack $ 54.95

Pure Acai Berry – #1 Consumer Pick 

When it comes to choosing acai berry supplement that really works, Pure Acai Berry Max is the undoubted #1 recommendation. If you failed in many other ways to lose weight and remove toxins from your body, we recommend Pure Acai Berry as a 1 stop solution. Why? There are 2 reasons for that – the product itself and the massively positive feedback from people who tried Pure Acai Berry that we get from many sources.Pure Acai Berry is what it’s called – just pure organic freeze-dried acai berry directly from Brazil plants where it origins. Based on the feedback from Pure Acai customers, Daily intake of Pure Acai Berry is responsible for:

  • improving the conditions of skin and hair in both women and men
  • significant boost in energy levels of obese and overweight customers
  • accelerated weight loss effects that people couldn’t achieve with other diet pills
  • balancing mood and self-confidence due to improving of body shape & slimming effect of acai berry

Pure Acai Berry is the only one product on the market that contains 1500 mg of pure acai berry and has all the certifications proving the 100% authenticity of acai berries. The product manufacturer offers 180-days guarantee so you risk nothing even when using Pure Acai Berry for 5-6 months.

We also found that on average people using Pure Acai Berry lose 6 to 9 pounds in first 3 weeks. Due to acai berry detox power, the weight loss has an ongoing effect, and many people keep using Pure Acai Berry as a safe supplement that greatly increases energy levels and helps to stay more active and vibrant while shedding off pounds without any side effects.

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Acai Detox Plus Site
User Rating 9.5/10
Certified? Yes
First Results 1-1.5 months
Side Effects None
Dosage 2 pills daily
1 Month Pack $ 39.99

Acai Detox Plus – #2 Consumer Pick

Acai Detox Plus is currently the #1 best-selling Acai Berry supplement in the UK. This diet is so popular that it’s ben featured in the UK Sunday Express. Believe us, sawdust fake products NEVER get featured in the press.

We rate Acai Detox Plus as #2 choice because this is also a certified product that contains only the freeze dried organic acai berry, that is much more powerful comparing to the acai extracts that you typically find in pills.

The contents is a bit less powerful than Pure Acai Berry, however with 700 mg of freeze-dried acai berry also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids, that in combination bring the power of antioxidants to boosting your energy, immune system, as well as making your skin more healthy.

Although Pure Acai Berry has a lot more successful weight loss feedback, we also get a lot of positive comments from people who tried so called “free trials” and ended buying Acai Detox Plus products to fully benefit from the authentic organic acai berry. You can expect to lose 12 Lbs within 3 month, this is typical customer success with Acai Detox Plus.

Acai Detox Plus offer you 3 types of acai berry products: 100% pure freeze-dried acai berry – best option for weight loss, Acai Fat Burner, the combination of 100% pure acai and fat burning substances like green tea, and also Acai Patch – discreet way to absorb Acai antioxidants within 24 hours through your skin – great energy booster.

Each supply of Acai Detox Plus contains 60 capsules. In order to feel the maximum health & weight loss benefits, you need to take 2 pills per day. The cost of Acai Detox Plus is moderate and is 39.99$ per 60 pills (30-day supply).
pure acai detox plus pills

Acai Berry Select Pills
User Rating 8.7/10
Certified? No Evidence
First Results 1 months
Side Effects Yes
Dosage 2 pills daily
1 Month Pack $ 49.95

Acai Berry Select – #3 Consumer Pick

Acai Berry Select is our #3 recommendation. We rate it as the last one because Acai Berry Select is made of acai berry extract that only carries 15-20% power of freeze-dried acai berries found in Pure Acai berry and Acai Detox Plus.

As an extract, Acai Berry Select contains only 50 mg of acai berry, that is definitely not enough for powerful antioxidant effects. It’s not pure acai, you can also find Chromium, EGCS from Green Tea Extract that fights free radicals and improves your cardiovascular health, L-Theanine and Caffeine.

So, Acai Berry Select is just acai extract whose weak power is substituted with Caffeine for energy boost, L-Theanine with it’s dubious weight loss effects, and EGCG antioxidant.

We also have some positive feedback from people using Acai Berry Select, but you should understand that there are much more powerful acai berry supplements that really deliver incredible weight loss, energy-boosting and overall health-improving effects.

The official Acai Berry Select site looks like these free trials, but once you fill-in the first page, next you have the option to buy 1 bottle, 3 months supply (2 bottles +1 Free bottle) or 6 month supply (3 bottles +3 Free bottles). No auto-billing and auto-shipping involved, you just pay for what you order. The company provides 90-days return guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

Acai Berry Select is a great alternative if you’d like to try the typical acai berry supplement without enrolling into “free trial” that will cost you up to 100$ in just 14 days. However, if you’re serious about weight loss, fighting fatigue and other amazing acai berry benefits, Pure Acai Berry or Acai Detox Plus are better alternatives.